Meet Linda

Hi! I’m Linda!

I’m a professional home and office organizer serving Bucks and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania.

I’m one of those people who has always been organized, always loved organizing projects, and if my home is cluttered and disorganized I become stressed and find it difficult to focus on anything other than the clutter. That is not to say that my home is always perfectly picked up and clean. (Mostly) everything, however, has a home and when it becomes messy I can quickly pick up. My home is of course, a home not a magazine, where we enjoy spending time together.

Even if you are not an organized person by nature, I truly believe that organization is a habit and a skill that can be learned through practice and by installing the correct systems that align with your unique style.

I worked as a special educator for 13 years. A very large part of my job was going into students’ homes, working with their families, and installing systems to help their child function in their home. This has translated into my career as professional organizer. I come into YOUR home, discuss your goals and challenges, and work with you to implement systems that will help you FUNCTION in your space.

You’ve contacted me to help you achieve order and a sense of calm because the clutter and disorder is inhibiting your ability to function. You need streamlined routines, to be able to find what you need when you need it, and to spend less time taking care of your home and more time doing the things you love.

It is my passion and pleasure to help you reach YOUR goals!