The work isn’t done when you’re happy; the work is done when your client is smiling.
— Trent W. Nelson

Smiling Clients


Linda has transformed how I declutter and organize my home. She is a great motivator for me to get organized. There were days it was really hard to have to want to work on my rooms but Linda is really great and understands. My stress level has melted away with living a more uncluttered and productive life. I have loved my home even more and have a lot of pride in it too since working with her. You won’t regret it it is going to change your life for the better!

— Phi N.

In one 3 hour session, we stuffed I think 7-8 trash bags full of donations, 2 trash bags of trash, and emptied out 3-4 large plastic totes. My catch all room is almost ready to be my office/lady lounge. Linda is kind, empathetic, patient and yet quick, firm and organized (well duh lol). I'm so looking forward to our next session and thank her tremendously for giving me back an incredible sense of calm and accomplishment. Believe me, she is worth every organized penny

— Erin D.

My office was over-run with unnecessary clutter and too much unneeded paper and files. Working with Linda was an absolute pleasure! At our initial consultation she asked me questions on what I used my space for & what I wanted to change. She gave me her recommendation and several ideas. My office is now a much more organized and efficient place to work - although the cats are miffed since now there are no papers to lay on!!

— Lisa M.

Linda has brought me some much-needed peace. My downstairs closet and home office were out of control. I couldn't find any of my important papers and bills were getting lost regularly! Linda whipped my office into shape so I can focus on running my business. The process has quieted my anxious mind & brought a new level of calm & focus to my work. Linda is great at being motivating without being pushy. I trust her completely. Her services are worth every single penny.

— Jessica J.